Jul 18, 2008

Search and replace all files in dir

Method I:

for file in $(grep -il "Hello" *.txt)
sed -e "s/Hello/Goodbye/ig" $file > /tmp/tempfile.tmp
mv /tmp/tempfile.tmp $file

Method II:

find /path/to/start/from/ -type f | xargs perl -pi -e 's/applicationX/applicationY/g'

Method III:

myname="/tmp/`whoami``date +%d%m%H%M%S`"
if test -f $myname
then echo "$0: Cannot make directory $myname (already exists)" 1&>2
exit 0
mkdir "$myname"
for FILE in $@;
do sed 's/old_string/new_string/g' $FILE > "$myname"/"$FILE"new_tmp
mv "$myname"/"$FILE"new_tmp $FILE
rmdir $myname

Replace old_string with the string you want to replace and new_string with the replacement string.

Note: This script makes use of the /tmp directory.

The sed command uses the same syntax as Perl to search for and replace strings. Once you have created the script, enter the following at the Unix command line prompt: sh script_name file_pattern Replace script_name with the filename of the script, and file_pattern with the file or files you want to modify. You can specify the files that you want to modify by using a shell wildcard, such as *.html.

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